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Our comprehensive financial planning experience is based on the vision you want to achieve. What does your ideal future entail? Are you spending retirement traveling to exotic locations? Will you devote more time to your hobbies and family? Or is it a priority to preserve your wealth and pass it to future generations?

Our fee-based approach to financial planning means we are compensated based on a percentage of your assets or through a flat fee. We are held to a fiduciary standard and are committed to working in your best interest. Because of our independent, fee-based approach, we can offer advice without the expectation of proprietary products.

Wherever your journey takes you, we can prepare and plan to get you there. Common strategies we implement include:

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning is more than just putting money away and hoping for the best. We analyze your current savings and needed income in retirement, and can implement a savings plan allowing you to enjoy retirement. We review all of your savings options, including employer-sponsored plans, IRAs, and non-qualified accounts, to help ensure all options are considered.
Retirement Income Distribution
You’ve spent years saving and now you have finally reached your retirement goal. But how do you transition from saving money to actually spending what you saved? We can craft a sustainable distribution plan, factoring in your assets, Social Security, and any other income streams to help ensure you don’t outlive your assets.
Estate Planning
How do you want to be remembered? Proper estate planning can help outline your wishes. Whether your priority is caring for a spouse, providing an inheritance to loved ones, or creating a lasting legacy through donations, we can prepare a strategy to clearly define the transfer of your wealth while minimizing tax complications.
Investment Management
Our investment management process focuses on your feelings toward risk, time horizon, and existing assets. We seek to understand your beliefs while performing the concrete analysis needed to make an informed recommendation. The end result is a unique mix of stocks, bonds, funds, and other investments designed to meet your goals.
Tax-advantaged Investing
The old saying, “It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep” has never been more true in today’s heavily-regulated tax environment. In conjunction with the CPA side of our practice, we take a comprehensive, analytical look at your investments to see if changes could be made to decrease your tax liability.
Insurance Planning
Insurance coverage is an important part of the overall financial plan – it is a protective hedge against uncertainty and the unthinkable. We will review your current lifestyle to determine appropriate insurance for your situation.
Business Planning
Many business owners depend on us for both CPA and financial services support. As business owners ourselves, we understand the financial challenges of owning and operating a company to which you’ve dedicated your life. Let us assist with business planning needs like succession/transition planning, diversification, cash management, and employee retention.
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