Military Veterans

As a veteran, there are unique planning needs that only someone who has been in your shoes is qualified to address. Don Akridge, our founder, is a Marine Corps veteran and has navigated his and other veterans’ financial journeys for over 20 years.

As with all of our clients, we take a comprehensive, holistic approach to a veteran’s financial situation including recommendations from both the financial planning and CPA advisory sides of our firm. In addition to traditional solutions in tax planning, investment management, and retirement savings, we also provide recommendations and resources to help veterans take full advantage of the resources available through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For senior veterans nearing retirement, our analysis includes any governmental benefits, including pensions, life insurance, or disability, that you may be entitled to receive as part of your service to our country. We will help ensure you receive the benefits you deserve while navigating through the complicated bureaucracy of our nation.

For younger servicemen who may be seeking financial planning assistance for the first time, we carefully explain all of the unique governmental benefits offered by the VA, including the GI Bill, VA Home Loans, and more. Receiving financial advice is the first step every young veteran should take after they leave active duty. By starting early, we can plan together for successful future.

If you are a veteran who desires the advice and camaraderie from a fellow member of the armed forces, contact us today.

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